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Red Willow Farms

We were selected by the Navajo Nation to drill a 1600 ft irrigation well for Red Willow Farms, 25 Miles North of Gallup, NM. We're using Mud Rotary methodologies and equipment and a Kelly Drive Rig.

Most of our work has been in the Menefee formation, which is primarily fine grain mixed-clastic rock. The Menefee formation covers the majority of the San Juan Basin (North West New Mexico) and is the main visible formation for Chaco Canyon National Historical Park.

Our Custom Gardner Denver 2000, or "Christmas", is turning a 12 1/4" Tricone Bit for the borehole and we will then install a combination of blank and perforated 8" casing.

Our crew has been hard at work since the first week of June, working 1 shift a day, drilling an average of 110 ft a day. To date we've drilled to 1260 ft, so we're well over half way there! We anticipate the job to be completed in 3 weeks or less. The average temperature to date has been 63 degrees.

This well is in our "bread basket." We specialize in services in the Four Corners region and have perfected our techniques for this area. The majority of the wells we drill fall inside the area shown here.

Stay tuned for more information and pictures! And remember, if you need a well drilled in the Four Corners region, call Beeman Drilling!

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