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Rig 38

Main Specs

Rig Number: 38

Gardner Denver 44M (Reconditioned)

Cummins 400 BC Diesel Engine with Jake Brakes

 13 Speed Fuller Transmission

Mounted on a 4 Axle Crane Carrier

Draw Works

54M stacked Double Drum Drawworks.


​DSM 61' x 3" sq tube Derrick w/ Rocking Board.


GD FXX172 Duplex Mud Pump 5" X 8" w/ 3" Piping/Standpipe

2 cycle Bean Injection Pump

Air Compressor WEJ 600×250
Rotary Table

 10" Retractable Rotary Table

Other Info

(2) Blocks, 4 1/2" x 37'L Hex Kelly.

3" Little Giant Swivel.

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